Our Services

Attendance Status

Avvene makes it easy for teachers to keep the parents updated about their child's attandance record.

Online Fee Payment

In this crucial economic transformation from cash to plastic money, Avvene makes cashless transactions much easier than ever before.

Attendance By Biometric Mechineries

Avvene also supports biometric data for easier and accurate update of attendance record.

Notes Provided By Teachers

Teachers can upload notes on Avvene for every student to view and download, making distribution of notes easier.

Class Time Table

With the ability to upload a time table for every class, ensure that the students comes to school on-time and with the right books.

Lunch Menu

A fully customizable lunch menu so that parents can ensure their child is getting a healthy diet.

Online Results

Easily publish the school results online, which also makes it easy for the parents to track the performance of their child.

Exam Timetables

Keep the children and their parents updated about the exam timetables through Avvene and ensure their preparation for the exams.

Holiday & Event Calander

It also supports a holiday and event calendar which reduces confusion in the parents of the children.

Photo Gallery

A beautiful photo gallery to show children participating in various activities.

Sports & Other News

Any news regarding the school and the activities can be communicated to the parents through Avvene.

Get Help & Contact Direct To Class Teachers

Ability for parents to directly contact class teachers reduces the unnecessary confusion between parents and teachers.